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Comprehensive overall concept

The ScioDent "Halitosis Surgery" is a modular concept that can be adapted to the requirements of your dental practice. It doesn't matter whether you already offer treatments for  bad breath or you are just starting. We will put  together  the  most suitable modules for you.  Choose  from  our  professional  offer of conceptual knowledge, individual training & internships, as well as tried and tested measuring  technology  and products.  On request, we will also be happy to advise you on how it can be integrated into  your QM system.

Plug & Play

Sit back, we take care of its implementation into your practice processes. ScioDent's "Halitosis surgery"  is

professionally docked to your prophylaxis offer. We will be happy  to  train  your  entire  team  either  on  site  in  your clinic or  one  of  your  employees  on an internship at

different locations in Germany. Of course, we will also advise you on  the  issue  of  economic  efficiency  and  on  the possibilities in the area of marketing. What do you think, for example,  of a professional  and personalized website?

Professional Products

To complete the  Halitosis concept, we  also supply you  on request with the measurement technology developed and produced in Germany. HaliSens provides proven measurements  for  the objective  determination  of halitosis. Through our exclusive cooperation with the manufacturer CAVEX, we also offer you  oral hygiene products in a package, which are used for the treatment  of halitosis.

You alone decide which modules you want for your practice. Then the only thing you have to do is: Get started and treat your first halitosis  patients!!!

Further information on Halitosis

A person who suffers from Bad Breath rarely acknowledges it himself, but is made aware of it by other people. Unfortunately, Bad Breath is considered a taboo topic in many countries - especially in Europe - although the presence of this condition makes it possible to clearly determine the cause and thus successfully treat it. If one searches the Internet using the search the German term "Mundgeruch", 884,000 results are displayed in 0.56 seconds in the Google search engine, for example. If you enter the English version "bad breath", there are even 53,500,000 entries in 0.45 seconds. Halitosis is a condition that occurs in about 50-65% of the world's population and, according to a Dutch study, is one of the top 100 social human nuisances.

Causes In 2009, extensive studies found that about 90% of the causes of halitosis were intraoral. This is usually associated with inadequate oral hygiene. Bacterial decomposition of organic material takes place in the oral cavity. The volatile substances of Bad Breath arise intraorally through the metabolism of gram-negative bacteria, which metabolize proteins specifically with sulfurous amino acids. The most common oral cause is the coating of the tongue. The plaque is the cause of about 51% of all halitosis problems.


Bad Breath poses a great challenge to the patient, as there are not many specialists in this field. Again, and again we receive requests for halitosis treatment all over Germany. Many patients take on considerable distances in order to finally get this problem under control.


Our aim is therefore to establish a Germany-wide network of dental practitioners who offer a professional halitosis surgery. This does not only benefit the patients, but also your dental practice. You create an interesting, innovative area within your prophylaxis and profit from higher number of patients and sales. You too can create a unique selling proposition and stand out from the usual treatment concepts. You will be listed as a concept partner. There the topic Halitosis is brought up for discussion and patients, who suffer from halitosis, are further assisted. 

Text sources are available on request.


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