For the patient

A lifetime of healthy teeth and fresh breath. Living with healthy teeth means quality of life and is an elementary part of general health. In order to keep our body healthy and fit, we pay attention to our diet and exercise. But what do we do for our oral health?

Unfortunately, this area continues to be neglected by patients. A major concern should therefore be to make the patient aware that diet control, compliance and homecare is the way to lifelong healthy teeth. Many professional training courses on prophylaxis for dental practices are available on the market. But what distinguishes us from others?

The fact is, without patient compliance, even the best dentist cannot be successful with his treatment.

Consequently, our training courses focus on a prophylaxis "that the patient understands".

Our primary goal is to motivate the patient - even to coach him at every prophylaxis session. We understand the dental hygienists as personal coaches of the patient, who make it clear to the patient that they are the success factor for their oral health - and that this is for a lifetime. 

Patients become involved in dental practices on a long-term basis. Here, of course, a professional and targeted re-call is required, but above all, optimal communication is required within the dental practice. Important components are the reception as first contact person, the prophylaxis staff and the dentist. Communication with each other and with the patient must be flawless. Here the circle closes to our other topics - management and communication.

A dental practice is holistic and successful in the long term, if the individual concept modules are implemented and executed in the best possible way; and if the practice is generally optimally structured and managed.

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