Generate Additional profit THROUGH HALITOSIS Consultation

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When searching for the German term "Mundgeruch" in popular search engines, over 3 million entries are displayed within 0.4 seconds. When searching for the English version "Bad Breath", even more than 337 million results are displayed in 0.5 seconds.

According to current studies over 90% of the causes for a chronic Halitosis lie in the Interdental area.

We are happy to support you in setting up a halitosis surgery in your dental practice.


The right mix of an innovative therapy offer, structure and communication will lead your dental practice to even more success and valuable patients. We are happy to advise you on topics like prophylaxis, dental practice management and communication. 

Halitosis-Sprechstunde, Mundgeruch-Konzept

Halitosis-        Consultation

Bad Breath- goodbye!

Halitosis surgery as an innovative approach for your dental practice. Create new incentives in prophylaxis and increase long-term patient and sales figures!

Prophylaxe, Prophylaxe Innovation

Prophylaxis for                the patient

Prophylaxis is more than just tooth cleaning!

 The compliance of the patient should be given top priority in your prophylaxis department. Also become a patient coach!

Praxis-Management, Beratung Zahnarzt

Management/ Communication

Structure and communication are the basis for sustainable patient satisfaction. They also create an optimal symbiosis to retain patients for a long time.